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CSE-IEEE provides engineering students with valuable resources and tools spanning multiple industries and technologies. IEEE can assist those who work in the engineering sciences, research, and technology fields, whether they are pursuing career advancement, launching their own business, or seeking research and trend insights into emerging technologies.

How does the CSE senior project affect your career?

As IEEE is actively involved in the latest technological advancements, that provide engagement opportunities and resources dedicated to these emerging technologies, the industry will recognize students who have worked on IEEE projects.

Top 10 CSE (IEEE) Projects

1. Implementation of Smart Agriculture Using IoT and Leaf Disease Detection Using Logistic Regression


To eliminate the need for human labour in agriculture, robotics, automation, the Internet of Things, and their implementation based on precision agriculture are vital. Adding machine learning-based leaf disease detection is essential for increasing the effectiveness of this system. This can result in time and energy savings for the farmer, increasing his or her productivity and efficiency. Utilizing a variety of electronic sensors and cloud-based services can also facilitate accurate measurement of any agricultural parameter and rapid processing.

2. Intelligent irrigation and Crop health forecasting


As the world races towards the era of automation and IoT in our lives, we must adapt. In automation, we concentrate primarily on the creation of intelligent devices, digital cities, automated homes, etc. Crop Irrigation plays a significant role in agriculture; therefore, irrigation automation is required to assist farmers with technology.

For crop health prediction, it is necessary to develop a device that collects data, analyses it, and generates real-time results. In our paper, we focus on developing a Raspberry Pi-based device for data collection. As the device collects data, MQTT will transmit it to the server. We employ an ANN model to generate highly accurate crop health prediction results via data analysis. Lastly, the device triggers the motor to switch the water flow in the farm based on the response from the sensors. Additionally, the System can control irrigation data via an Android mobile app.

3. AI-Enabled Internet of Things for Health and Wellbeing Monitoring

The recent development of the Internet of Things (IoT) paves the way for the ubiquitous connectivity of things, which enables these things to collect and exchange data, and has consequently had a significant impact on our way of life.

Healthcare can be viewed as one of these major domains that benefits from the Internet of Things, where the most recent trend is to connect disparate technologies to enable new insights by linking physical objects in order to facilitate smart and intelligent decision-making. Recent advancements in Machine Learning (ML) and other associated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms have enabled the collection, analysis, and interpretation of an unprecedented amount of loT sensory information for effective health and wellbeing monitoring.

4. Brain Tumor Classification Using a Highly Precise Attention-Based Convolutional Neural Networkbrain-tumor-classification-cnn (1)

Brain tumors have always been one of the most prevalent malignancies that pose a threat to human life. China lacks computer-assisted diagnostic tools designed to identify specific brain tumour cases and conduct pertinent research. Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) datasets available to the public were collected for this study.

5. Using the Keras Framework, a System for Detecting Sitting Posturesitting-posture-detection

With a low-power embedded real-time sitting posture detection system in mind, a deep learning-based real-time sitting posture detection system is developed. The system uses a thin-film pressure sensor to measure the human body's sitting posture pressure. Using the Keras framework, the system then collects and analyses data on human body pressure in various sitting positions and generates an analytical model. Using cubemax, burn the model onto the STM32 to provide real-time data collection, processing, and identification of the sitting position.

6. Handwritten Kannada character recognition utilising SVM, KNN, and CNN

Recognition of handwriting has been a concern for some researchers and analysts. Various applications require solutions to identify the cursive nature of handwritten text. The stated characteristics of written styles must be implemented. This paper requires relevant research on handwritten recognition and prediction processing. We utilised in the recognition of handwritten Kannada words. The primary objective of the proposed research is to identify Kannada handwritten words on paper or in a system, and to solve the recognition problem using machine learning algorithms.

Given the given kannada word, the system will predict the correct words. System provides a comprehensive understanding of pre-processing, segmentation, and CNN classifier development. The achieved accuracy for Kannada handwritten words is 96.8%.Mental Health Disorder Analysis Employing Convolution Neural Network-Based Speech Signal Model with Artificial Intelligence Integration Mental health is important to every individual, and it has become the industry's primary concern.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of providing solutions as the number of digital life-saving techniques increases. With the appearance of advanced AI techniques and machine learning algorithms, AI has attracted a great deal of interest in the health care industry, where it is used to detect and monitor health behavior's and keep records to estimate future treatments. Using AI appropriately, disease prediction and detection can be accurate. This paper provides an overview of some real-world mental health surveillance experiences.

7. Estimation of Obesity Level Using Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks

estimate-obesity-level-ml-ai-projectSince 1980, obesity has been a growing social and public health issue that requires more attention. For this reason, new studies emerge on a daily basis, including those focusing on childhood obesity, particularly the impact factors and how to predict the emergence of the problem under these conditions.

In this study, a variety of classification techniques were utilised to estimate levels of obesity. On the basis of the evaluation criteria, the outcomes of various machine learning methods were compared. Accuracy of 97.8 percent was obtained through the application of the Cubic SVM method by selecting the problem-specific features.

8. Artificial Intelligence Framework for Identifying the Drug-Dependent Population

The prevalence of drug addiction is increasing in every region of the world. Adaptive interventions, such as trend setters, lifestyle, stress, depression, peer pressure, etc., are gaining control over the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, lung cancer, skin cancer, and diabetes. Over time, the numerous drug de-addiction centres have not achieved the optimal treatment. The purpose of this paper is to develop a general-purpose artificial intelligence (AI) framework for self-diagnosis and self-treatment similar to that of a physician.

9. Artificial intelligence research progress in diagnosing fatty liver


TAs a chronic disease, early intervention against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is more effective, but the disease's early symptoms are not obvious, making it difficult to detect. With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, it is anticipated that this issue will be resolved. This paper examines the use of artificial intelligence in the examination of non-alcoholic fatty liver, proposing a novel approach to the modern medical management of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

FAQs on IEEE CSE Final Year Projects

1) What are the best CSE projects for resume?

CSE students can work on projects based on Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things(IOT), Embedded systems, and Full stack web development. All aspiring software engineers need to improve their skills in programming and focus on working on tools that the industry use for ex.HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT

2) What is base paper in the IEEE project?

IEEE with more than 396,000 members in more than 160 countries, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization. You can choose base papers published by members and industry partners, since IEEE is the s leading authority in most of the emerging technology domains like aerospace systems, computers, and telecommunications ,biomedical engineering, electric power, consumer electronics. etc..

3) How to choose a final-year IEEE project for CSE (Tips)?

  • Tips for choosing IEEE final year CSE project

  • Choose the domain you are interested in and visit the IEEE Xplore website and search the published projects in which the domain you are interested.

  • Consult your college mentor or any industry professional.

  • List out the resources and skills required to develop such projects or look for some professional organization that can guide you to implement the projects.

4) What are the mini-projects for CSE?

2nd ,3rd,4th year CSE students can work on multiple mini projects on IoT, CLOUD, WEB APPs, MOBILE APPs, AI, ML, etc.



The above list top 10 computer science projects you will get only overview,you can download pdf for more projects. Working on these projects will help you get ready for a career in the lucrative fields of computer science and IT, or at the very least give you a good idea of how good you are in those fields.What matters is that you learn something from them, which you will for sure if you work hard on these computer science projects.If that's done, then this post has accomplished what it set out to do. Computer science is a tricky field of study that draws on many different fields.

In addition to programming, web development, networking, etc., good math skills are also needed to do well in computer science.CITL-Projects is the Largest Online /Offline IEEE Final year Project development and education company. We at CITL-Technology the largest Project training and Development Company in Bangalore, Karnataka, India provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and technology. We have the largest collection of the latest IEEE CSE projects 2021-2022 and IEEE project papers and we have a unique approach to deliver in both online and offline.

The main objective and goal are to provide universities and Engineering and technology colleges of branches computer science and engineering(CSE), Electronics and communication engineering(ECE), electrical and electronics engineering (EEE), Information science(ISE) with a collection of high-grade, tested, hands-on, team-based, and society-focused projects for students. These projects are time-tested or proven to increase the employment opportunity in the core emerging technologies, academic-oriented, and satisfaction of all students of respective Engineering and technology education.


What is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer Science engineering deals with design, implementation, and management of information system of both software & hardware processes. A computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and design of computational systems. Computer engineering or Computer Science engineering integrates several disciplines such as Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Software Design, etc. The engineers are mainly involved in the development of software and hardware systems of various aspects of computing. The engineers not only focus on how computers work but also integrate into larger scheme of things.


Benefit of Computer Science Engineering

Amongst all the engineering branches, computer science has been found to be the most popular choice of students because options of projects on CSE are wide open. This branch of engineering is perceived to be popular due to its research scopes (bio, mechanics, neuro-science, etc) and is known to be challenging while offering good career opportunities and remuneration. Computer science & engineering has been the most sought after course in the past few years and in the current one too.


Career opportunity in Computer Science Engineer

By doing final year projects in CSE you are eligible to work in embedded systems, database management, IT, embedded systems, Telecommunication, computer hardware & software implementation & maintenance, multimedia, web designing, gaming, and almost all other industries in this sector.

Note that the computer industry has witnessed such phenomenal growth in recent years that IT majors like Infosys & TCS have been the major recruiters across all other branches in engineering colleges of the country.

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• Improve the knowledge and skills in planning, identifying, designing, and appraising the development programs and projects.
• Project Cycle Management
• Learn core concepts of both the front end and backend programming course
• Get familiar with the latest web developer technologies and ecosystems
• Learn all about SQL and NoSQL databases
• Learn complete web development process

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