ECE final year Projects


ECE (electronics and communication engineering) is a core engineering subject that mainly focuses on building skills in electronics circuit design, PCB design, Microcontrollers (basic to advanced), automation systems, and IOT, In the current trends and advancement of technologies, the need for learning latest tools for designing high-performance systems will play a vital role.

ECE students require to adopt a unique and innovative mindset to build projects which further helps to lay a strong foundation in this domain. It is important every ECE student apply what they learn by executing mini projects that are relevant to the industry which further builds skills to solve real-time problems.

Our extensive list of ECE final year projects using all the latest tools& technologies will help you to upgrade your skills on par with the industry.


How Does the Final Year Project in ECE Impact Your Career?

Final Year projects for ECE students are an important milestone to build their careers in the core domain, one needs to focus on building skills that are relevant to the job market. Skills that are in huge demand are coding in C, C++, Python, Microcontrollers, Electronics design, IoT, Cloud apps, mobile apps, etc


Top project domains and innovative project ideas for ece students


1. Raspberry Pi based ECE projects


1.1) Raspberry Pi-based Intelligent Assistance for the Visually Impaired



Reading is an essential life skill in today's society, where printed documents such as reports, bills, bank-related files, classroom worksheets, and instructions for pharmaceutical products are ubiquitous. This research's primary objective is to convert a real text into speech and to develop blind collision avoidance. It involves capturing the image with the Raspberry Pi camera, processing it with image processing, and then reading it out loud. An artificial neural network predicts the text contained in the captured image

1.2) Luggage Carrying Trolley Using Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ Board would be used to control this trolley. Pi camera and ultrasonic sensors provide inputs regarding obstacles in the path to the Raspberry Pi board, which controls the direction of the trolley accordingly. Using a machine learning algorithm, a camera would be able to differentiate between obstacles and humans through image processing, while ultrasonic sensors would detect obstacles beyond the camera's field of view.

1.3) Raspberry Pi 4B Home Intelligent Access Control System Design

A home intelligent access control system based on Raspberry Pi 4B is designed for humanised functions such as voice broadcast. There are three unlocking modes for the system: remote unlocking, password unlocking, and face unlocking.

1.4) Driver Drowsiness Detection System Based on Raspberry Pi Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

This paper describes the implementation of a Raspberry Pi-based system for detecting drowsy driving. Drowsy driving is characterised by a decline in driving skills. The Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) was used to classify drowsiness symptoms such as blinking and yawning in this study. 1310 images were utilised during CNN architecture training

1.5) Raspberry Pi-Based Face Recognition Door Lock

Extensive research is conducted in the field of home security, which is the turning point of the industry, where we connect common items to share data for our development.

1.6) Camera-based Fire Detection System Employing Raspberry Pi

The risk of fire hazards has also increased significantly, causing a great deal of damage to nature, lives, and property and resulting in a massive economic loss. A camera-based fire alert system will be immensely helpful in detecting fires in commercial buildings, industries, establishments, and public places in order to reduce and eventually eliminate fire accidents.

More Project Ideas

  • Safety Night Surveillance Robot for Women

  • Design and Development of a Shopping Cart-Following Raspberry Pi-Based Robot Using Computer Vision and Object Tracking Method

  • IoT-based Smart Home with Voice-Controlled Appliances Powered by Raspberry Pi
  • Voice Control IoT Home Automation in Multiple Languages Using Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi
  • An Intelligent Elderly Caregiver Robot Built on Raspberry Pi
  • Robust Real-time Automatic Voice Command for Disabled People Based on Raspberry Pi
  • Reducing Electricity Theft Using IoT
  • Visitor Identification System based on IoT
  • CNN Smart Receptacle for Waste Management
  • Smart Guide Intelligent Blind Guide Device Utilizing Raspberry Pi
  • IoT-based Innovative System for Water Level Management to Prevent Water Loss
  • Driver Safety and Help System Using Machine Learning and Internet of Things


2. Top and latest Arduino-based projects for ECE



2.1) Robotic Bomb Detection and Disposal

Arduino Application In addition to protecting the bomb disposal team from harm, a robotic arm is used to detect and safely dispose of any device within a 100-meter radius.

2.2) Arduino-based Cost-Effective Floor Cleaning Bot

The primary objective of this project is to develop and implement a low-cost floor-cleaning robot prototype. Technological advances in robotics have made human life much simpler and more comfortable. In recent years, robots have entered nearly all fields, including the household. The design of robotic floor cleaners makes them easier to clean than handheld vacuums.

2.3) Arduino-based Rescue apparatus with GPS Alert for Women Safety

In today's society, men and women share equal responsibility in their respective fields of work. The safety of women in the workplace becomes a major concern. Sexual harassment issues are on the rise and are occurring more frequently. The thought that haunts women's minds is how to navigate the streets freely at odd hours. Due to a rise in crime, women's safety is of utmost importance.

2.4) Arduino Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle

It is a well-known fact that, in the presence of flammable materials, fire can spread rapidly. There is a significant danger of destroying entities and human lives. In addition, there is the possibility that firefighters who are exposed to fire will sustain permanent injuries. In order to reduce the impact of fire on firefighters, a fire fighting vehicle has been developed as part of this research.

2.5) Arduino-based Electronic Voting System with Biometric and GSM Functionality.

India is a democratic nation whose voting system has had a significant impact on electoral outcomes. The essence of social equality resides in the legitimacy with which citizens elect their own representatives. Electronic voting machines (EVM) are implemented to achieve a fair election system and to reduce the number of election workers needed.

2.6) Arduino-based Design and Implementation of an Automatic Trolley System for Disabled, Elderly, and Nursing

To assist the elderly and nursing mothers, we intend to develop an automatic shopping cart. Currently, people who go shopping must push around shopping carts laden with numerous items, which is stressful and difficult to do.

2.7) Monitoring System For Water Quality Powered By Solar IoT

The components of this project are a pH sensor, a turbidity sensor, and water. These sensors are interfaced with Arduino, and using GPRS or Wi-Fi, we can transmit data to the cloud or a mobile application for data analysis.

2.8) IoT-based Smart Stick with Automated Obstacle Detector for Blind People

Real-Time Smart Water Management System using IoT

  • Smart Pill Notification Device Using Arduino

  • Smart Wireless Water Meter with IoT

  • Smart low-Cost LPG Leakage Detector using Arduino
  • Arduino based -Fingerprint Door Unlock System
  • IoT based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System for Smart Environment
  • Smart LPG Gas Leakage system using IoT
  • IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

The system is developed to reduce accidents due to domestic LPG gas cylinders as LPG is highly inflammable and it can easily cause an explosion. Liquefied petroleum gas consists of butane and propane Most fire accidents are caused due to poor quality regulators, human careless

3. Communication projects(GPRS,GPS)

4. Embedded Projects (ARM Cortex-based ECE Projects)



  • Design and development of DSP-enabled low-cost ECG machine

  • Towards lightweight deep neural network for smart agriculture on embedded systems

  • Design and Implementation of CNC Machine Remote Monitoring and Controlling System Based on Embedded Internet

  • Design and implementation of home heating system based on the Internet of Things

  • Smart Garbage Collection Autonomous Vehicle

  • Implementation of vision-based intelligent home automation and security system

  • High-Performances Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Implementation Using ARM Cortex M3

  • IoT enabled Smart Lighting System using STM32 microcontroller with high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M3 core

  • IOT-Based Smart Crop Protection and Irrigation System

  • Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

5. Robotics Based ECE projects



  • Face Recognition AI Robot for hospitals and offices

  • Object Finder Robot for industries

  • Smart Hospital Sanitizing Robot

  • Make This Joystick-Controlled Robot

  • Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB

  • Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car

  • Remote Controlled Robot for various applications

  • Soccer Robot

  • Build Your Own Self-Balancing Robot

  • Virtual Telepresence Robot Using Raspberry Pi

  • WIFI-controlled robot for industrial automation

  • Smart Visitors greeting Robot for offices

6. VLSI Projects

7. Bio-metrics based ECE Projects

8. Wearable devices for health & Wellness monitoring-ECE

  • Remote Patient Monitoring System using ESP8266, Arduino & Android Bluetooth App

  • Personal Healthcare Assistant PHA

  • wearable wristband for the monitoring of elderly healthcare

  • Bed occupancy using NB-IoT, Azure and Google Healthcare


1) How to Choose the ECE Final Year Project Definition ?

Innovation and creativity is the key for engineering students to design projects, students should focus on solving some real-time problem which will further help in their career journey. In technical education, students should be exposed to projects throughout their four years.

2) What is Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is one of the core branches of engineering and is popularly called as ECE which covers subjects like Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Internet of Things, VLSI, and many more. Recently due to the advancement of technologies, they have included all emerging technologies like AR/VR,AI,ML, and IIOT in their syllabus.

3) How to choose a final-year project for ECE?

  • Consult your project coordinator in the college for their input.
  • Approach industry professionals.
  • Do some research on existing projects and try to enhance the features by adding new technologies.
  • Try to solve real-world problems using emerging technologies.

4) Which are the latest technologies to build innovative electronics (ECE) final year projects?

Students can think of developing projects in the latest emerging technologies as these technologies are being adopted in most of the products today. some examples are IoT, Home automation, Image processing, Industrial automation, Artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics.

5) Why CITL building final Year Projects for ECE students?

CITL is one of the top projects development centre for final year ECE and other engineering branches have more than 20+ years of experience. It has the best mentors with industry backgrounds and the best facility to develop projects.

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