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  • September 26 2023
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Django python projects

Top Python Django Project Ideas and topics to Master Web Development with Python-2023

We have curated best Python Django project ideas for Final year students of BE/B Tech/Mtech students completed projects are great for your portfolio as well and which help to showcase your hands on experience and expertise for recruiters. Theoretical knowledge in Python and Django will not help in real-time projects development as the industry looks for candidates with good hands-on experience and a portfolio of projects will play a major role in cracking the interviews.

Here we have the best and some interesting Django project ideas not only for beginners but also for advanced learners, you will find 100+ top Django project ideas to get hands-on experience on Django.The best way to learn Django or any other framework is to work on some real-world projects. Our Projects are essential to make learning easy for us. These projects will help you gain real-world experience and make you job-ready.Our latest list of Django projects will help you with all the practicalities you need to succeed in your career. Further, it will also help you with Django project ideas for the final year, to fulfill the academics as per the University guidelines

Python Django Project Ideas and topics to Master Web Development with Python-2023

1.Therapist chatbot for Medical assistance A django framework

Technological Implementations in the field of therapists as well as Professionals in very important ways. The availability of all medical  resources helps the people a lot in their  life and death. The paper illustrates a website model with the help of which information about the therapists can be able to access, and can sell their old books from the same digital platform as well. The paper also describes the role of software engineering in project development. The project is developed on Django Framework; the backend development is in Python, Jinja2 and SQLite. The frontend consists of HTML, CSS (Iterative Model) The project developed is highly efficient, user-friendly and simple

2.College chatbot for A complete digitization for sharing resources starting from course details to study materials for the enrolled students a web based solution using django framework

Technological Implementations in the field of college   as well as Professionals in very important ways. The availability of all college   resources helps the students to get lot of college information’s. The paper illustrates a website model with the help of which information about the college  can be able to access, and can sell their old books from the same digital platform as well.

The paper also describes the role of software engineering in project development.The project is developed on Django Framework; the backend development is in Python, Jinja2 and Microsoft workbench. The frontend consists of HTML, CSS (Iterative Model) is described thoroughly and respective ER Diagrams and Flow Charts have been shown. The project developed is highly efficient, user-friendly and simple.

3.Edu course : A complete solution for education institution to go online in current pandemic situation using django framework.

E-learning is an integral part of smart education. There are many e-learning systems that are widely available to educational institutions. The challenge is to easily integrate the e-learning system into a smart educational environment based on the requirements of the users. The e-learning services rely on a software system that allows access to all the materials for the educational process and makes them electronically available to all the students on the Internet whenever they need and wherever they are.The design and development of e-learning system is a critical part of the educational process as it reflects on the usage of the system.

In this work, the design and implementation of e-learning systems is described where different techniques are explored and compared. The proposed e-learning system is designed using off-the-shelf and open-source software engineering model and programming tools and database models. The system is tested to prove the new design concepts and features. The method used in the back-end and front-end design and implementation allows flexible usage and integration of the e-learning systems by the educational institutions in smart cities.

4.Face recognition for student attendance management.

 Nowadays, the research is growing towards the invention of new approaches. One such most attracted application is face recognition of image processing. There are several innovative technologies have been developed to take attendance. Some prominent ones are biometric, thumb impressions, access card, and fingerprints. The method proposed in this paper is to record the attendance through image using face detection and face recognition. The proposed approach has been implemented in four steps such as face detection, labelling the detected faces, training a classifier based on labelled dataset, and face recognition.

The database has been constructed with the positive images and negative images. The complete database has been divided into training and testing set and further, processed by a classifier to recognize the faces in a classroom. The final step is to take the attendance using face recognition technique in which the input image of a classroom is given, and faces of the given image will be detected along with their IDs. The frames of a video taken for a minute is taken into consideration to avoid the missed ones due to rotational issues.

5.A django framework for personality prediction system using Machine learning and Big 5 personality traits.

Personality can be defined as a set of characteristics which makes a person unique. The study of personality is of central importance in psychology. There are various conventional ways of assessing one's personality which either costs too much of manual efforts or cannot be done in real time. To solve these problems, this research aims to measure the Big-Five personality from a set of questions. The user is asked to answer a set of few questions and according to the questions answered by the user the personality of the user is predicted using logistic regression model. 

6.Heart disease prediction using ANN approach a web application using django framework.

Disease diagnosis and prediction is one of the major aspects in the healthcare sector. They collect a huge amount of patient data personally and well as by the means of certain tests for this purpose. In this project, we mainly focus on the prediction of heart disease. A set of heart disease data containing various parameters of the tests conducted along with their results are fed to various machine learning algorithm for training. Then the pre-trained model is used for the prediction of new input data of new patients. The Artificial Neural Networks are used in this project. 

7.A django framework for disease risk prediction & CNN based recommendation system

It is common knowledge that regular exercise can do wonders for the human health, helping them to have a longer and healthier life. Nowadays, along with the increasing concern for the health, people have paid more attention in doing regular exercises. One of the most popular ways to work out is to go to the gymnasium every day. Owing to the rapid development of the cities, people’s busier modern life, living in urban areas without sufficient space to do the exercise, the gymnasium leads to exercise development.

This study proposes a personalized recommendation for healthcare in the gymnasium. We are using the machine learning algorithm for the disease prediction of the people who don’t go to the gymnasium and also we are predicting the cost of the diseases to get cured. Then gym adviser will recommend to go to the gym, because if the people invest in attending the gym and thus preventing the disease and cost will also be reduced for curing the disease.

8.Django framework for Prediction Of Cardiac Arrhythmia Type Using Clustering And Regression Approach (P-Ca-Cra)

Cardiac arrhythmia is a disease dealing with improper beating of heart. The improper condition may be fast Beating or slow beating associated with heart. This paper proposes a detection or prediction scheme in the type of cardiac Arrhythmia disease. It uses a clustering approach and regression Methodology. The clustering approach used is dbscan and for Regression, multiclass logistic regression is employed. By performing dbscan clustering algorithm, the whole dataset is disintegrated into disjoint clusters.

Those clusters which are found to contain less instances, are then taken for consideration . These Clusters are subjected to multiclass logistic regression. This is because, clustering approach is an unsupervised process. Once regression is performed, we have reached at a conclusion, about what type of cardiac arrhythmia it is. The proposed method achieves an overall accuracy of 80%, when compared with various other existing approaches

9.Placement Prediction using Machine Learning techniques.

The Institutions today face a challenge of placements and to improve the same. It is a very complicated process to predict the placement of students manually. Educational institutions today strive to improvise the procedures and strategies that support decision making capabilities that improvise the students' placements. This can be addressed by making use of machine learning technique to predict the placement of the students. We make use of the historical data of the past students, this data is considered as the training data set and is used to train the model.

The system then predicts the placement status of the student to one of the five categories or statuses, viz., Dream Company, Core Company, Mass Recruiters, Not Eligible and Not Interested in Placements. This model helps the placement cell of the organization to identify the weaker students and provide extra care towards them so that they improve their performance henceforth. Furthermore, the students in the final as well as pre-final years of B. E or B. Tech course can also make use of this system to know their placement status that they are likely to achieve. By this knowledge they can put in the necessary efforts to achieve their goals and to get placed in better companies.

10.Django framework for travel agency : A web application

This project targets to build a generalized fully fledged platform, where any company can come and register themselves, and get feedbacks of their users as well as their employees. This helps the company to knows if their users and employees are happy with them. Also the percentile as well as the graphical representation of the feedbacks projecting good, average and bad feedbacks.


TOP 12 Django project ideas for final-year engineering students

It is very important for Engineering students to focus on hands-on projects to build skills in Django. In the current scenario of competitive job market companies are looking for more skilled engineers than a just degree in software, it is high time to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. this will further help you to build a strong portfolio of projects and showcase to potential employers. We at CITL-tech varsity is one of the largest platform for 1st year,2nd year,3rd year, and final-year engineering students, we have Django projects for beginners and Django advanced projects in multiple domains.

1. Django-based Social Media Platform with source code: Develop a social media platform using Django, where users can create profiles, connect with friends, post updates, and engage in discussions.
2. E-commerce Website using Django: Develop an e-commerce website using Django, where users can browse products, add them to cart, make payments, and track their orders.

3. Django Task Management System with source code: Develop a task management system using Django, where users can create tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and track progress.

4. Online Ticket Booking System using Django Framework: Develop an online ticket booking system using Django, where users can browse events, book tickets, and receive confirmation and reminders.
5. Healthcare Management System with source code: Develop a healthcare management system using Django, where healthcare providers can manage patient data, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients.
6. Education Management System - Develop an education management system using Django, where schools and colleges can manage student data, attendance, grades, and assignments.
7. Job Portal using Django framework- Develop a job portal using Django, where job seekers can create profiles, browse job listings, apply for jobs, and receive notifications.
8. Travel Planning System - Develop a travel planning system using Django, where users can plan and book travel itineraries, and receive recommendations and reviews.
9. Django -Recipe Management System - Develop a recipe management system using Django, where users can browse recipes, save favorite's, and create shopping lists.
10. Django-Parking Management System - Develop a parking management system using Django, where users can reserve parking spots, pay fees, and receive confirmation and reminder
11. Django Hospital Management System- with Source Code It is a Multi-User Interface with Patient details, Doctor, Receptionist, and HR. And also this Hospital Management System can manage all the records inside the hospital and view their appointment
12. Django Hotel Management System- With Source Code The Django Hotel Management System is developed using Python Django, HTML, CSS , and JavaScript, and is a fully responsive website for mobile and larger screens.


More Advanced Django Projects with Source Code

1) Django project on car-sharing system

2) Django project on the grocery store.

3) Django Project on library management system

4) Django projects on bike rental system

5) Online supermarket system.

6) online gift store.

7) Online Bookstore Management System in Python Django

8) Create a Discussion Forum in Python Django

9) Create an E-Commerce website with Python Django

10) Online College Admission Management System Python Django Project

11) Django Audio and Video Chat Application

12) Django News Aggregator

13) Location Finder Using Django

TOP 17 Python Django Projects for Beginners to try in 2023

1) Create Contact Book in Django

2) Calculator Application using Django

3) Sign Up and Login System using Django

4) Django Email Sender System

5) Django Text to HTML Converter App

6) Track Your Calories App with Django

7) Django Library Management System

8) Password Tracker using Django

9) Automatic Tweet Poster App using Django

10) Social Networking App

11) Video Calling App

12) Django Blog

13) Weather App Using Django

14) Calorie Counter App

15) Password Safe App

16) Hospital Management System

17) Automatic Tweet Posting App

Tools and technologies used to build django projects and it is an opportunity for engineering students to upgrade their skills:

Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables the rapid development of secure and maintainable web applications. Here are some of the most commonly used tools and technologies to build Django projects:

1) Python: Django is built on top of Python, so you'll need to have Python installed on your system before you can start using Django.

2) Django Framework: Django is a Python web framework that provides a powerful set of tools and APIs to help you build web applications.

3) Virtual Environment: It is a tool used to isolate your project's dependencies and create an isolated environment for your project.

4) Django REST Framework: It is a toolkit that makes it easy to build, test, and deploy RESTful APIs in Django.

Database: Django supports multiple databases such as SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

5) HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Django provides built-in support for rendering HTML templates and serving static files. You can use any frontend framework like React or Angular with Django.

6) Git: Git is a version control system that is commonly used to manage code changes and collaborate with other developers.

7) Docker: It is a containerization platform that allows you to package your application and all its dependencies into a single container, making it easier to deploy and manage.

8) Heroku: It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to deploy and manage your Django application easily.

9) AWS or Google Cloud: These are cloud platforms that offer a wide range of services, including hosting and deployment of Django applications.

These are some of the tools and technologies used to build Django projects.


1) What are the final year projects that can be built using Python and Django?

Choosing the right type of Django project is essential for a successful final year project. You could consider developing a social network, e-commerce site, blogging platform, or any other web application that interests you. However, make sure that your project is complex enough to demonstrate your skills and understanding of Django.

2) Can I get a job with just Python and Django?

Yes, you can certainly get a job as a Python and Django developer. Python and Django are highly in demand in the software development industry, and many companies are looking for developers with these skills. However, it's important to note that while Python and Django skills are essential, most employers also look for additional skills such as good communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Having experience in other technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, and other web frameworks can also be helpful in securing a job.

3) Is Django suitable for big projects?

Yes, Django is a suitable web framework for big projects. Django was designed to be scalable, flexible, and maintainable, making it a great choice for building large and complex web applications. To handle the high traffic and concurrency demands of big projects, Django provides features such as caching, database connection pooling, and support for message brokers like RabbitMQ and Redis. Additionally, Django can be easily deployed to a variety of hosting platforms, including cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, and Heroku.

Overall, Django's scalability, flexibility, and maintainability make it a suitable choice for big projects. However, like any framework or tool, it is important to understand its limitations and use it appropriately for your project's needs.

4) Can you build website with Python Django?

Yes ,In these days developers are using Django to build complex web applications.

5) How do I deploy my Django project?

Deploying a Django project can be challenging, but there are several ways to do it. You could consider deploying your project on a cloud platform such as AWS, using a virtual private server, or containerizing your application with Docker. Ensure that you have a good understanding of server configuration, security, and scalability when deploying your Django project.

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