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The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

is a university degree program aimed to prepare the students to industry ready take up positions in it industries as programmer, systems designers, software engineers, etc. To meet this objective curricula are designed to provide students all-inclusive knowledge covering the skills and core areas of computer science in theory and practical’s. Also in the curriculum there is a major project which helps the students to develop the ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge to solve real life problems in and around the world.

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BCA Final Year Project Topics in Python with Source Code

BCA Final Year Project Topics in Python with Source Code which helps the students to build various projects using python and gain suitable coding knowledge which further helps in their careers.

1. Courier Management System Source Code Project in Django

This Django Courier Management System Project is written in Python. We developed a Courier Management System web application using Python, Django, and SQLite3 Database so that an organization can track packages received.


2. Django Point of Sale System with Source Code

This Django Point of Sale Management System Project was developed using Python, Django, and SQL Database. Frontend and backend of the Point of Sale System Project were developed using the Python Django Framework and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, respectively. It has an Admin side with additional features such as product, category, order, user, and inventory management.


3. Restaurant Management System Source Code Project in Django

This Django Restaurant Management System Project was built using Python, Django, and the SQLITE3 database. Frontend and backend development of a restaurant management system using the Python Django Framework and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, respectively. It has an Admin side with additional features for managing food, sales, orders, users, and stock.


4. Python-based Attendance Management System with MySQL Database

The Attendance Management System in Python with MySQL Database was created utilising Python Programming and Face Recognition. This Attendance Management System in Python has a Graphical User Interface Design (GUI).


5. Python Project for a Real-Time Student Attendance Management System

Project on the Student Attendance Management System Using Python OpenCV in Real-Time, this Attendance Management System Project in Python provides teachers and students with an invaluable attendance service. Face recognition technology provides an automated and dependable attendance system that reduces manual process errors.


6. OpenCV Python Real-Time Eye Detection Source Code

Using Python Detection OpenCV, the Real-Time Eye Detection OpenCV Python was created. In this Eye Tracking OpenCV Python, we will discuss object detection with Haar Cascades. We'll begin with eye detection. In order to perform object recognition/detection with cascade files, cascade files are necessary. For the most popular tasks, these are already available. Detecting things such as faces, cars, smiles, eyes, and licence plates is fairly commonplace.


7. Source Code for Face Recognition Code Written in Python Using OpenCV

The Code for Face Recognition For Python, Using OpenCV and Python Programming, this Face Detection algorithm was developed. Using Haar cascades in Python is a machine learning-based technique in which an input data set is used to train a cascade function. OpenCV contains numerous face, eye, and smile classifiers that have already been trained. Today, we will use the facial recognition software. You may also experiment with additional classifiers.


8. Python Color Detection with Source Code.

The Color Detection Using Python was created using python programming. The Color Detection Using Opencv Python Project will be exciting and enjoyable to construct. Throughout this project, we will be working with colour, and you will learn about a variety of concepts.


9. Detection of Human Bodies in Real-Time OpenCV Python Coding Source.

Detection of the Human Body in Real-Time Using the Python programming language, OpenCV Python was used to create this Human Detection system. OpenCV Python will demonstrate how to create your own intelligent video camera.

It will demonstrate how to extract an image from the frame of a web camera, detect whether there is a human in the frame, and simultaneously count the number of people or persons detected by the camera.


10. Sudoku Game Python Programming

The Sudoku Game Python Code was created using Python Programming, and it is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The objective of the Python Source Code for the Sudoku Game is to fill a 4 range chart (i.e. a 44 grid) with numbers so that each row, column, and 2 range contains all the numbers between 1 and 4.


11. Python Gym Management System Source Code Project

The Gym Administration System Project This Project With Source Code was created using Python Programming, it runs in console, and the project documents consist of a Python manuscript (main.py, customer.py, package.py, gymmanager.py).


12. Color Game Implemented with Tkinter and Python Source Code

The Color Game Implementing Tkinter This Color Game In Python was created using Python Programming; it is a GUI-based programme that displays random colour text and requires you to identify its hue. You have 30 seconds to guess as many word colours as possible, with points awarded for correct guesses. This project is both interesting and straightforward.


13. Python-based YouTube video downloader with source code

This simple Python Project source code facilitates the downloading of YouTube video content. This system can be downloaded for free and integrated into your own Python projects.


14. Medical Store Management System Python Source Code Project

This Medical Store Management System Python source code project is primarily based on Tkinter. This system's graphical user interface was created using the programming languages Python and SQLite3.

It has been designed with respectable customer service in mind to facilitate inventory management, database access, and electronic billing documentation. In addition to encouraging consumer computing discounts and frequent revenue, the programme identifies measures to prevent potential revenue loss.


More project topics for final year BCA students with source code.

1. Human Detector and Counter using Python

2. Pneumonia Detection using Chest X-Ray

3. Music Recommendation System by Facial Emotion

4. Parkinson’s Detector System using Python

5. Website Vulnerability Scanning System

6. Bone Fracture Detection using Python

7. Vehicle Number Plate Detection and Recognition Python

8. Depression Detection System using Python

9. Leaf Detection System using OpenCV Python

10.Music Genres Classification using KNN System

11. Traffic Sign Recognition System using CNN

12. Auto capture Selfie by Detecting Smile Python

13. Green Screen Background Remover using OpenCV Python

14. Blockchain Tender/Contract Management System in Python

15. Signature verification System using Python

16. Sign Language Recognition Using Python

17. Car Lane Detection Using NumPy OpenCV Python

18. Intelligent Video Surveillance Using Deep Learning System

19. Face Recognition Attendance System using Python

20 Cryptocurrency price prediction using Machine Learning Python

BCA Final Year Project Topics in PHP with Source Code

BCA Final Year Project Topics in PHP projects for beginners to expert level which includes from simple apps and small projects to more complex software and for BCA-final-year projects.


1. Leave Management System in PHP source code

Leave Management System in PHP is a PHP Project that enables you to manage multiple Companies with various departments, including administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, and many others. Using this system, HR will be able to manage employee data and process each employee's requested leave.

2. Calendar Event Source in PHP

A PHP MySQL JQuery Event Calendar will be bound to the Full Calendar library function to display the Calendar. It contains the response layer for displaying user acknowledgment following event CRUD operations. This PHP Calendar for Events The user interface for managing events in a calendar will be intuitive. In form-based event management, the user must enter additional information, such as the event title.

3. Student Administration System Written in PHP with Source Code

A Student Management System Each student's subject and grade level grades are stored in PHP and MySQL for periodic grading. The student's final grade for each subject will be automatically calculated and labelled with either a passing or failing status. The system was based on the storage and management of student records at one of the secondary public schools.

4. System for billing in PHP with source code

The Billing System In PHP is a simple system that uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, and Modal to develop a PHP MySQL database. This PHP Billing System Project includes an admin side where the administrator can manage all billing activities and client data. The Admin plays a crucial role in the system's administration. On the Admin side of this project, all primary functions are performed.

5. Loan Management System Source Code Project in PHP

A Loan Management System In PHP, the administrator will populate a list of borrowers, loan types, and loan plans; this information will be used to determine and filter request and active loans. This PHP Bank Loan Management System Project is capable of calculating the monthly payment amount based on the loan plan.

6. Gym Management System Source Code Project in PHP

The Gym Management System Project in PHP with Source Code is built with PHP and a MySQL database; it tracks memberships and payments for a fitness gym. The schedule list assists in the organisation of the member's chosen plan for his or her membership in the fitness gym, and each plan is a one-time payment only, implying that the members' membership fees are dependent on their chosen plan, which corresponds to the length of time the member will be considered an active member of the fitness gym.

7. Online Admission System Source Code Project in PHP MySQL

The Online Admission System Project In PHP MySQL is for incoming first-year college students in the IT department, allowing them to register and schedule their qualifying exams in the IT department. Among the objectives of the system Online Admission System Project in PHP are the management of Registration, Schedule, Qualifying Exam, and Reports.


8. Online Bookstore Source Code Project in PHP

Using PHP MySQL database, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, and Modal, the Online Book Store Project in PHP was created. This Online Bookstore PHP Project Report includes both an admin section and a user section. This Online Book Store In PHP seeks to increase online book sales due to the Internet's significance in people's lives today.


9. Payroll Management System Source Code Project in PHP

The Payroll System Management Project Using PHP MySQL database, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, and Modal, a website was created using PHP. This Payroll Management System in PHP manages and computes the payroll of an organization's employees. This Payroll System Using PHP MySQL Free Download can compute monthly and semi-monthly payroll for employees.


10. Hostel Management System PHP Source Code Project

In This PHP Project, the Source Code Contains Significant Features of the Admin Aspect of the System with the Capability to Verify Bookings, Reservations, and Cancellations. Add, Update, and delete the area, amenities, room types, and user. View comments and generate various reports.


11. Online Voting System Source Code Project in PHP

Project on Online Voting System Developing PHP MySQL databases with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, J Query, and Modal is straightforward in PHP. Principal Objectives of the Voting System Project In PHP, votes are counted; the voting system has an admin and a user; the admin can manage the user; and the user represents the voter.


12. Ticket Reservation System in PHP with QR Code

This PHP Projects with Source Code is useful for tour and activity operators to manage the booking or reservation preferences of their customers. The integration of QR Codes increases the security and confidentiality of client information.


13. Attendance Management System Written in PHP and Including Source Code

PHP-based online blood bank management system with source code. The Blood Bank System Project in PHP is a straightforward application developed with PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and CSS. The project has both an administrator and user interface.


14. Online Library Management System PHP source code projects

PHP, JavaScript, and CSS were used to create the project. This Website Project includes both an admin and user interface. This includes adding and managing categories, authors, books, issued books, and other administrative tasks. The administrator plays a crucial role in the administration of this online library system.


15. Online Restaurant Management System Source Code Project in PHP

This Online Restaurant Management System Project in PHP with Source Code is a straightforward undertaking built with PHP, JavaScript, and CSS. This project facilitates customers' ability to buy food online, without having to visit the restaurant.

This restaurant caters to birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christening, and Christmas celebrations. This online restaurant management system website can be used by the staff of a restaurant to manage customers, their orders, and reservations, as well as to help customers quickly locate available tables and place orders.

More projects topics for final year BCA students with source code.

  • Graphical Password By Image Segmentation

  • Video Surveillance Project

  • Smart Health Consulting Project

  • Farming Assistance Web Service

  • Seo optimizer and suggester

  • Mobile Banking Project

  • Cargo Booking Software

  • Human Speed Detection Project

  • Car Sales And Inventory Store Project

  • Smart Health consulting system

  • Image Mining Project

  • Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion

  • Real Estate Booking

  • Web based Expense Tracking System

  • Web based Student Performance Analysis

  • Online Voting System

  • Intelligent Tutoring System for Enhancing E-Learning

  • Web Based Bus Booking System

  • Web Based Student Attendance System

  • Employee Timesheet Management System

  • Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis

  • Web Based E-commerce

  • Web Based Health Monitoring

  • Web Based Crime Prediction


BCA- final year project topics-in JAVA

Below are a few examples of Final Year Projects, and these project ideas for bca students in their final year can be a great career booster. In addition, we can assist bca final year projects with source code so that students can gain real-world experience.


1. Online auction system

In an auction site, buyers and sellers engage in transactional business, with buyers acquiring items by bidding on their prices. The bids include a starting price and a closing time. Those bidders who submit the highest price for an item are declared the winners and new owners of the item.

In this project, you will create a secure online auction system using binary classification for detecting fraud. If a user wishes to purchase a product through an online auction, they must provide identifiable details such as their PAN, email address, licence number, etc.

2. AI Diet Consultant Management System

AI Diet Consultant Management System is an application that provides balanced diet instruction information. Details such as age, gender, height, weight, family history, etc. must be entered. The Artificial Intelligence dietician will provide dietary recommendations. This application is designed for Android mobile devices. This application is trustworthy, user-friendly, and simple to operate.


3. Cloud-Based Attendance Management System

The attendance system permits the user to record the availability of an employee or student on a given day. The employee or student must log in and scan their identification card in order to mark attendance and exit the classroom. Once the card is scanned, the database is updated with the ID number, date, entry and exit times.

The information will be stored in a cloud that establishes an internet connection with the application and server. Using information such as in-time and out-time, the administrator computes the working hours of an employee or student. If there is a change in the system, only the administrator can modify and view the attendance information. Below is a list of Final Year Projects in Computer Science from which multiple projects can be selected.


4. Safe Online Auction Platform

Online auction is a system for purchasing or selling products or items through bidding. No customer is permitted to submit a bid that is less than the starting price. The person selling the product must be a registered user and must enter the product's information.

The bidder, on the other hand, must provide information such as name, valid contact number, email address, licence and PAN number, account information, etc. It has an end time after which the customer cannot place a bid. This system is designed to facilitate a protected online auction.


5. Automated Canteen Ordering System.

An automated canteen ordering system is created to save time for both customers and canteen administrators. The customer is not required to wait in line to order food. The customer can login to his account from his device before placing an order.

This application is extremely user-friendly and simple to access and employ. The application presents the supply details in a format that is easily readable. It enables the supervisor to quickly obtain orders online.


6. System of Electronic Authentication

This project is centered on the creation of an e-Authentication system that combines QR codes and one-time passwords for increased security. The purpose of the e-Authentication system is to prevent account hacking via shoulder surfing and misuse of login credentials. Users must first register by entering their basic registration information in order to use the system (name, address, zip code, etc.).

The user can then access the login module to authenticate their account by entering the email id and password used during registration. The user may then proceed to the next authentication step using either a QR (Quick Response) code or an OTP (One Time Password).

The system will generate either a QR Code or an OTP, depending on the user's selection. The QR code will be emailed to the user, whereas the OTP will be texted to the user's registered mobile number. The system generates the QR Code and OTP at random during login. It increases the security of the login. Nonetheless, this system requires a constant Internet connection.

7. Bank Management System Source Code Project in Java NetBeans

The Java Bank management system project This Bank Management System In Java project includes a tutorial and guide for writing code. NetBeans was created using the Java programming language. This open-source Bank Account Management System in Java is available for download and modification.


8. Student Grading System Java Source Code Project

A Grading Method Using Java, users can add students' information and grades, and the system will calculate the overall average grade for each student. The source code for the Student Grading System Project in Java was developed using the java programming language. The Grading System in Java has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is so user-friendly that anyone can operate it with ease. This article is beneficial for beginners and students interested in learning Java programming.

9. Hospital Management System Source Code Project in Java

The Project On Hospital Management System in Java was created using the Java Programming Language. This Hospital Management System In Java Projects with source code is linked to a MySQL database. The subsequent attributes are: Sign in, add a patient, a doctor, a room, a user, and then generate bills.

10. Source Code for School Management System Java Projects

The School Management System -Java Project is developed using the Java programming language. Language Programming, This School Management System Java is a school-developed application.

Report on the School Management System Project In Java is a Java-developed application that is used to store all school-related records. It stores information pertaining to students, faculty, and staff. The database utilised is Microsoft Access. The purpose of developing such a system was to reduce the number of errors that occurred in the manual system, in which it was difficult to store records.

BCA final year projects for computer science students is a great opportunity to build skills necessary skills for their careers in the IT industry. Also, develop the ability to problem-solving and communication skills which is an additional advantage. We have provided you with information regarding the latest BCA project topics through this information you Select the suitable BCA final year project topic as per your interest or you may have your own ideas we are happy to assist & guide in building such projects.

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