Arduino Projects For Engineering Students

Top 200+ Arduino Projects for Engineering students

Arduino is an open source microcontroller platform has been very popular and lucrative option for students to design their innovative projects. By using this platform students can easily realize their ideas and concepts. these includes Robotics, Home automation projects, Health monitoring using medical sensors, Industrial automation, IOT based projects, Image processing, security applications. Agriculture automation like greenhouse monitoring, water conservation. solar power monitoring and list goes on…
Looking for top class advanced Arduino projects ? Check our extensive project list of the best Arduino projects for both beginners and expert professionals.
You can download our project list which is suitable for Students, Enthusiasts & Researchers, and also for engineering students. our project database consists of latest trends and real time applications. You can also approach us for your custom made projects.

List of Arduino based projects using ESP 8266 wifi Arduino,Arduino Uno board for engineering students of ECE,CSE

1.Arduino-based -GSM & SMS Enabled AI-driven Water Pollution Monitor


In this project, we have used Arduino,GPRS module, and sensors to collect the data ie. ORP,pH,TDS and turbidity and we have a display to monitor the collected data


2.Arduino-based -Smart Connected Water Meter Development with cloud interface


An innovative water management solution for consumers to get insights on water usage, detect water leakages, and reduce per-head water consumption across towns and cities.


3.Arduino-based -AI Vision Based Social Distancing Detection


In this project we have developed a accurate solution to detect the social distancing using & then, an algorithm is developed extract insights related to people density/social distancing in real-time.


4.Autonomous Mobile Robot’s Application in Warehouses


Industry 4.0 practices in businesses, automation has become a new standard for many applications like robotics arm, sorting and picking, material handling, and conveyor systems.


5.Arduino-based-Agricultural drones


In today’s scenarios Drones are used in a vast number of tasks especially in the agriculture sector to overcome the labor for planting crops, fighting pests and infections, agriculture spraying, crop monitoring, etc.



6.Arduino based solution to Monitoring of climate conditions to improve agriculture production


Nowadays most popular smart agriculture gadgets are weather stations, combining various smart farming sensors. Situated across the field, they collect various data from the environment and send it to the cloud.


7.Precision farming using Arduino


By using IoT sensors, farmers can collect various data like lighting, temperature, soil condition, humidity, CO2 levels, and pest infections. 



8.Arduino based Cattle monitoring and management


As the human being is focused to improve productivity to meet the growing demands of milk-based products, by adopting the technology we can achieve this easily, Just like crop monitoring.



9.Arduino based solution to Monitoring of climate conditions to improve agriculture production


Nowadays most popular smart agriculture gadgets are weather stations, combining various smart farming sensors. Situated across the field, they collect various data from the environment and send it to the cloud.


10.Design of Greenhouse automation using Arduino


Greenhouse automation will solve multiple issues very effectively than manual intervention The use of advanced micro controllers and Io T sensors enables the farmers to get accurate real-time information on greenhouse conditions such as lighting, temperature, soil condition, and humidity.


11.Design of Smart Greenhouses

This system helps to create a self-regulating micro climate suitable for crop production, these controlled environments eliminate the many issues of crop yield and production and help to get real-time insights to farmers for planning and efficiency.


12.Future of Farming using IoT, Agricultural Sensors, & Farming Drones


Future agriculture is all about precision farming using IOT and drone technology. Further advancement in the technology we can use IOT with blockchain technology which further enhances the efficiency in the farming sector due to its ability to provide companies with important data on crops.


13.Arduino-based patient Remote Monitoring and alerts


Remote monitoring of patients is the new trend and it is a highly efficient way of managing patients ,technology is helping to a great extent.


14.Smart Health Solutions for Eldercare


Due to the increase in the old age population and in parallel health issues in the aged people have become a global issue.


15.Arduino-based Implantable Glucose Monitoring Systems



These devices can be implanted in the patients just below their skin. The sensors in the devices will send diabetic parameters to a patient’s mobile phone


16.Arduino based Activity Trackers During Cancer Treatment


This system will track some of the parameters which are essential for treating cancer patients. This tracker will monitor the patient’s movements, fatigue levels, appetite, etc.


17.Arduino-based Solar Panel Sun Tracker for Phone Charger unit



A very useful device for especially in remote places where you have no access to electricity. This project is designed using solar panels, servo motors, light sensors and some acrylic material.


18.Home Security Alarms


A low-cost and miniature device can be installed in various places in the home, the owner will get a message to his mobile when the intruder enters the house, this is also like a personal alarm.



19.Camouflage Army Robot



The proposed system consists of one color sensor camera as part of camouflaging feature and another camera for surveillance purpose



20.ESP32 Io-T Home Automation using Blink & IR Remote


With this Io-T-based smart home system, ESP32 is connected to WiFi then you have the option to get real-time feedback of the relays in the app.


21.Io-T and LORA Based Weather Monitoring and Control System


In this project, we will learn how to make Lora Based Wireless Weather Station using Arduino Uno & ESP32 WiFi Module.


22.Arduino based Projects on Home automation solutions


Arduino based- IO-T lamp for elderly assistance. This lamp shall have motion detectors to help the elders who get up in the middle of the night


23.Arduino based Projects in agriculture automation.



Due to population growth and demand for resources are growing rapidly, water shortage is a major threat to agriculture.


24.Arduino based projects for Transport and vehicles.




Fleet management services. Fleet management, you can get real-time data about vehicle operation to


25.Arduino based  projects/solutions for smarter energy consumption and management.


Smart metering is one of the key features in the smart grid that helps to reduce energy consumption and environmental collecting and uploading the real time data of energy usage



  1. ESP8266

  2. Arduino Uno Io-T ece projects

  3. Arduino based Mini projects

  4. Raspberry pi

  5. Arduino Wifi esp8266

  6. Internet of things

  7. Arduino wi fi projects

  8. using sensors for medical electronics

  9. using sensors for industrial automation

  10. RFID based projects using Arduino.

  11. Arduino based Robot Projects

  12. Arduino Uno based projects for beginners.

200+ IEEE top Arduino projects in 2023 that you must implement


1.Smart Car robotic Kit for Arduino with Uno R3, Obstacle Avoiding, Line Tracing and Light Seeking-Black

smart-car-robotic-kitA robotic kit  based on the Arduino. The Arduino UNO R3 board is used as control system, a step-down DC-DC converter module to reduce input voltage and a motor driver module with L298N. More importantly, a sensor shield is used  for obstacle detection, line detecting, light seeking, so With the sample sketches provided, you can make the car move forward/backward and turn left/right, follow a line, seek light and avoid obstacles.


2.Development of an Energy Meter based on Io-T using Arduino.

Managing energy consumption in houses, industries or cities is a critical area in which Io-T can contribute. This work present a low cost energy meter based on Io-T, capable of measuring several energy circuits with a single micro controller.

The meter also provides power quality parameters, and is capable of online and bidirectional communication, so that the system can receive data and send commands to the meter. This enables configuring its measuring parameters and also creating energy saving policies or equipment protection. Experimental results show the system works as proposed.


3.Arduino project-Design and Analysis of Io-T- Based Intelligent Robot for Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Nowadays development of Io-T applications with robotics is an on-going trend and it is vital to realize the final product. This innovative project mainly focuses on the security, remote surveillance, and monitoring of our homes done by the surveillance robots. Remote surveillance has become the most important research topic over the past few years.

Through this idea we put forward a surveillance robot that can be used in domestic areas and many other places. Robots are becoming important in our day to day life activities as they reduce the human labor and error. We can control robots manually or they can be automatic based on the need of people. In this latest innovative idea we have designed and implemented a mobile robot with many features along with obstacle detection and avoidance in a real-time basis.


4.IOT BASED Smart power monitoring system(solar panel)

5.Raspberry Pi based Smart Environmental Monitoring using IOT.

The goal is to build a small and easy to use device to monitor temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity and atmospheric pressure.  The  idea is to have multiple devices spread across the city to send environmental data to the AWS Io-T platform for processing and analysis. With this real time data , new public services could be offered, for example:

  • Trigger alarms in case of dangerous measurements detected
  • Finding out the least polluted places in the city at a given time: parks, squares or any public outdoors places.
  • Find out high polluted places to avoid
Find out the measurements from the nearest monitoring device

6.IO-T DOOR BELL using Raspberry Pi.

The main objective is to build the door bell using the IO-T technologies so that we can explore the advantage of the Internet of things technology and its features, In this project we are proposing to build an Io-T doorbell using Raspberry Pi with the help of the AWS Io-T platform.

Once the visitor pressed the doorbell, it will publish and an alert will be sent using the AWS SNS service by Email or SMS, so I know someone is knocking my door, no matter where I am. Visitors no longer need to call me and simply let the Io-T doorbell to do the job, deafness people also benefit using it so they can alert from the vibration of their phone.

We can also add USB webcam so our Io-T doorbell will take a picture of visitor, upload it using FTP (or you can use the AWS service for storing the image) and attach the link in the email or SMS message sent.

If you want, you can add voice/video call capability on Raspberry Pi so you can talk to your visitor over the phone, or you can add sensor to get alerted when someone tries to break into your house. It can also interact with the other Io-T appliance inside the home to pretend someone is here!

Hardware components:

1.Raspberry Pi 3

2.USB Webcam.

3.Software:Amazon web services(AWS IO-T)


7.Arduino Solar Tracker using LDR and Servo Motor

In this PROJECT  we are going to make a Solar Panel Tracker using Arduino, in which we will use two LDRs (Light dependent resistor) to sense the light and a servo motor to automatically rotate the solar panel in the direction of the sun light.

Advantage of this project is that Solar panel will always follow the sun light will always face towards the sun to get charge all the time and can provide the supply the maximum power. The prototype is very easy to build. Below you will find the complete description of how it works and how the prototype is made.


8.IO-T based SMART HOME security system.

9.IO-T based SMART HOME security system.


11.Driving Parameters Analysis System

In view of the accidents due to the negligence of the driver, a precautionary monitoring system needs to be established. So we are proposing this system 'Driving Parameters Analysis System' is put forth to facilitate the hassle-free transportation and the care that has to be perceived by every driver. By using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, this system is deployed to analyze the driving skills of a person for application in many spheres.

As a result, accidents occurring due to negligence of the driver can reduce in number since an overall precautionary system is established through continual monitoring of this proposed system. Urban areas in specific to Metropolitan and Smart Cities 

12.IO-T Air & Sound Pollution Monitoring System

Air and sound pollution is a creating issue nowadays. Here we propose an air quality and furthermore stable sullying watching system that licenses us to screen and check live air quality and what's more stable tainting in a particular zones through IO-T.

Structure uses air sensors to distinguish proximity of frightful gasses/blends perceptible all around and constantly transmit this data to micro controller. The sensors team up with micro controller which shapes this data and transmits it over web. If system recognizes air quality and confusion issues it alerts experts so they can take measures to control the issue.

Air and sound pollution is a growing issue these days. It is necessary to monitor air quality and keep it under control for a better future and healthy living for all. Here we propose an air quality as well as sound pollution monitoring system that allows us to monitor and check live air quality as well as sound pollution in a particular areas through IO-T.

System uses air sensors to sense presence of harmful gases/compounds in the air and constantly transmit this data to micro controller. Also system keeps measuring sound level and reports it to the online server over IO-T.    

Hardware :

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Sound Sensors
  • Node M CU
  • WiFi Modem
  • LCD Display
  • Humidity sensor
  • GAS sensor

Software :

  • Arduino IDE
  • MC Programming Language: C
  • Io-T(Things Speak/Osmosis/Ubi dots)



Home automation system is getting popular and widely used in a lot of houses worldwide. It has tons of advantages to users even more to the handicapped and/or elderly user in which it will make it easier for them to control their home appliances. Home automation Systems can be labelled to two mediums in which how it is connected and they are either wired or Wireless connected.

The main difference between these two kinds is that home appliances are Linked wireless a central controller if it's a wireless home automation system. On the other HAND the appliances are connected to a central controller if the medium use wired communication method. Wireless system had been introduced in order to dispose of wired communication among home appliances. Arduino based, Bluetooth based home automation will be applied.

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