Top 10 best IEEE project Institutes in Bangalore

Best IEEE project Institutes in Bangalore

  • September 28 2023
  • Bhimsen

Best IEEE project Institutes in Bangalore

Being the elite, highly valued format of research paper submissions, IEEE (Institute of Electrical, Electronics and Engineers) is a style of writing research papers that are expected, graded and valued by recruiters ensuring potential work exposure. 

Let’s see some of the top IEEE project institutes in bangalore to work with, on your final year projects.

TOP 10 IEEE project Institutes in Bangalore

1. CITL Tech Varsity

CITL Tech Varsity provides guidance for IEEE projects and BE, M-Tech and Internship in ECE, CSE, IS and EEE. It is one of the largest offline and online Final year project institutes in Bangalore

Students can choose amongst IEEE embedded projects while gaining IEEE Project training as engineering students. CITL Tech Varsity also provides Projects for M-Tech in VLSI and Embedded systems, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Computer Science and Computer Networking. They also have the largest collection of the latest projects and IEEE project papers and have a unique approach to deliver the same in both online and offline modes.

2. RBits Technologies

RBits technologies are an experienced project development team that have a varied clientele of students and corporate developers. The technologies, RBits among others, is into:

  • Data Science

  • JAVA

  • Android

  • PHP

  • Laravel 

  • IOT (Internet of Things)

  • Embedded Systems and MATLAB

  • Machine Learning

  • Cloud Computing

  • Robotics 

  • Securities and Big Data

RBits promises to deliver best software and hardware facilities to its students, along with training required to meet industry needs and accurate and helpful guidance from experienced experts, hence, nurturing the project carefully and brilliantly.

3. Redhill Softech

Redhill Softech is a research consultancy and training institute with expertise in technology and engineering. Along with providing guidance for projects and Ph. D, the institute also provides solutions for final year projects like 

  • Embedded projects 

  • Image processing

  • Communication projects 

  • Development boards 

  • Machine learning 

  • JAVA and Hadoop 

  • Mechanical projects 

4. DHS Informatics

DHS Informatics is 14 year old institute providing computer science trainings and project guidance in Bangalore. The institute provides guidance to PHD, M-tech, BE, MCA, BCA and Diploma students in CSE, ISE, ECE, EEE and Mechanical departments. The project fields guided for IEEE are JAVA, Python, Android, Embedded projects, MATLAB, IOT, Final year mechanical and real time CSE / ECE. 

For 2021, the institute offers project guidance for topics like Data science, Image processing, Networking and Web security.

5. MITRON Innovations

MITRON Innovations supports academic final year projects on various domains such as BE, M-Tech, Diploma and IEEE transactions. Along with various workshops and guidance provided for computer science, electronic, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and automobile fields, the academic IEEE final year projects provided by the institute include – 

  • Machine learning/AI/AR/VR projects

  • Block chain /Bitcoin Projects

  • Embedded  IEEE Projects

  • Power Electronics

  • Digital Image Processing

  • MATLAB based IEEE Projects

  • Embedded Micro Controller Based Projects

  • LABVIEW based Projects

  • VLSI based Projects

Being the latest IEEE based project institute, MITRON innovations is located in Yelahanka Old Town. 


6. Shield technologies

Shield technologies provide a variety of services including, and not limited to, Academic projects, Courses and training for CADD, CAM, Advanced JAVA, Embedded, Mechanical and Designing, Python, MATLAB, Rasberry Pi, IOT (Internet of Things), SQL etc., Internship opportunities, workshops and consulting. 

The academic projects’ support provided by Shield Technologies include topics like:

  • IOT (Internet of Things) and Software projects, 
  • Embedded projects like Raspberry projects, 
  • Electrical and electronic, 
  • Wireless and CDMA communication, 
  • Robotics projects and Mechanical projects. 

Internship opportunities for BE, B-Tech, M-Tech, BCA, MCA, BSC and MSC students along with VTU internships for engineering students are provided at Shield Technologies.

7. Technofly Solutions

Technofly Solutions offers final year academic IEEE projects for students pursuing –

  • B.E final year engineering
  • Electronics and Communication 
  • Computer Science engineering
  • Information Science Engineering, 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 

In domains like IOT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Cloud Computing, guidance for IEEE final year projects is given.

Complete assistance will be provided with complete assistance from Synopsis preparation, PPT to Phase wise project execution along with guidance on how to prepare the reports of the project. 

8. Techno Fist 

Techno fist is an institute for academic final year IEEE projects coming through with the best infrastructure, lab set up, training facilities, an experienced Research and development team for educational and corporate purposes. The project training for final year range includes –

  1. Software JAVA projects like Big Data, IOT (Internet of Things), Networking, Web security, data mining, Cloud Computing, Python, Image processing etc.  
    • Android IEEE projects
    • Android application based projects
    • PHP projects
  2. Embedded projects like Microcontrollers, ARM, PIC, AVR and Aurdino
    • IEEE transactions on Robotics / GSM
    • Telecommunication based projects
    • GSM and GPS related projects
    • MATLAB
    • VLSI
  3. Mechanical projects like Fabrication of Terrain vehicles
    • Fabrication of regenerative braking system
    • Fabrication of auto guided vehicle 
    • Quadcopter
    • Manual road sweeper
    • Development of RFID speed controller

Located in R.T Nagar, Yelahanka and Vijaynagar, Techno Fist also provides guidance for final projects for BE, M-tech, Diploma, MCA and BCA. 

9. SmartAI Technologies

SmartAI technologies provide the best final year IEEE projects based on 

  • Machine learning 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Data Science 
  • Python

Including, IEEE project Data Science and IEEE project NLP. SmartAI technologies are also known for their innovative ideas based on latest technologies, expert guidance, free project reports and completed classes for relevant topics.

The institute also provides internship opportunities in machine learning, AI and Data science.

1O. EMind Technologies

Located in JP Nagar 6th Phase, eMind Technologies aims to provide technical solutions and training with a wide portfolio of IT and knowledge process outsourcing services. 

The institute provides IEEE project trainings in –

  • IOT
  • Block Chain
  • Cloud Technology
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
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