Latest IEEE projects for ECE

Latest IEEE projects for ECE

  • September 28 2023
  • Bhimsen

Latest IEEE projects for ECE

The art of engineering revolves around an idea brought into reality, no matter how bizarre it sounds. Amidst a very rapidly developing technology, ECE (Electrical and Computation Engineering), a range of industries vary from biomedical to robotics, enabling you to play at the heart of each, employing interesting skillsets to pursue every idea. 

As we’ve discussed how fun ECE could be to pursue, your IEEE projects act as an important link to a lot of opportunities. Below are a few latest projects as of 2021, for you to inspect and engage in –

Latest IEEE projects for ECE

1) Vehicle theft detection

The vehicles today require high security which can be achieved with the help of this application. Prevention of vehicle theft can be achieved by detecting a vehicle’s status in theft mode and by sending an SMS with the help of an automated SMS generator. This SMS will be then sent to the owner of the vehicle. The owner will be able to disable ignition of the vehicle by sending a SMS back. 

How the system works is when a person tries to steal the vehicle, the microcontroller in the vehicle is interrupted and the command is sent to the GSM modem to send a SMS to the owner or registered contact. On the receipt of the alert message, the owner sends back the SMS to the GSM modem. This is done in order to stop the engine and disable ignition. The GSM modem is interfaced to the micro controller. This microcontroller up on receiving the message uses a mechanism that helps to stop engine. 

2) Coal mine safety

Underground mining has never been an easy chore. It includes innumerable hazards like suffocation, roof collapse, gas explosion and gas poisoning. These accidents cause serious injuries and immense monetary loss.

In this project, a suit of coal mine safety evaluation indexes have to be propounded under the study of current situation about coal mine safety assessment. Coal mine safety evaluation system based on BP neural network has to be established by employing MATLAB neural network.  A comparative analysis of the coal mine safety performance indicators has to be set up. The safety information closed-loop control system has to be formed with the characteristics of automatic control and automatic conversion which has a lot of significance in coal mining safety.

3) ISS – Intelligence surveillance system

With an ever changing materialistic world, safety and security are of utmost value. ISS or Intelligence Surveillance systems are hyped due to their ability automatically analyze surveillance data with or limited manual interaction.  This focuses on indoor surveillance application.

Increasing levels of intelligence can be added to surveillance with smart camera motes, key features of which is to recognize faces in real time, to enable a vision-centric network. Key enablers here could be a combination of high degree of in-node processing and reasoning algorithm. This enhances reliability and usage of ISS. 

4) Brain chips

The expectation, although faraway from reality, of recovering and / or enhancing memory with the help of ECE is pursued to be fulfilled by Ted Berger. The idea is to make use of implantable brain chips with the help of Brain Chip Interfaces (BCHI’s) to create chip based MEMS. This establishes communication pathways through close physical contact of brain cells.   

5) Greenhouse monitoring system

Greenhouse automation refers to an installation system to enable automation of activities related to technical installations. Greenhouse covers change the sun rays’ directions, enabling equal distribution of sunlight to the entire greenhouse with no direct contact of the sunlight and the plant.

In this project, a system scheme based on wireless sensor network (WSN) is presented, adopting Atmega128L chip and CC2530 that is a low power RF chip from TI to design the sink node and sensor. The system consists of a wireless sensor network and remote control. 

6) Smart bank locker system

Bank lockers are systems where back customers can store their valuables like money, jewelry and other valuables safely and securely. This system can be put to use at homes and schools for safe storage. 

Designing and implementing a highly secured and reliable smart bank locker security system based on RFID, Biometric fingerprint, password and GSM technology is the basis of this project. Only authorized personnel would have access to opening the lockers. In this security system, a username is enrolled, a password is generated and the user’s contact information is collected. User’s fingerprint is then registered with the help of finger print module. The finger print will be scanned and registered with an ID. There will be an RFID tag that will used to swipe checked by an RFID reader, by the user to log in to the system. Once that is approved, the user will log in with the registered fingerprint. Upon authentication of which, the next step would be to enter the password to open the locker. 

These are some of the useful IEEE final year projects for ECE that are applicable in the real world, are problem solving and have the potential to earn gold stars once approached with the right potential and mindset. 

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