Best Artificial Intelligence Projects For Computer Science

Best Artificial Intelligence Projects For Computer Science

  • September 28 2023
  • Bhimsen


Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our daily life, and there are many applications in various domains that utilize AI to provide efficient and effective services. here you can explore artificial intelligence projects with source code in python pdf, artificial intelligence projects for final year CSE students, final year project ideas for computer science artificial intelligence

  • Final-year CSE students can benefit greatly by gaining hands-on experience in AI projects, which will help them understand the concepts better and develop practical skills.
  • Some of the popular ai projects for final year cse students include object detection systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, and machine learning.
  • These AI projects can be implemented using various programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and more.
  • Some of the popular tools and frameworks used for AI projects include TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, and PyTorch.
  • There are numerous online resources available for engineering students to learn AI, including online courses, tutorials, and project ideas.
  • By working on major AI projects for cse, Computer science engineering students can gain skills in data analysis, statistical modelling, algorithm development, and machine learning, which are essential for a career in AI and related fields.

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Projects For Computer Science In 2023

1.   Fresh and Rotten Fruit Detection Using Raspberry Pi

Fresh and Rotten Fruit Detection Using Raspberry Pi is an AI-based CSE project that uses image processing and machine learning algorithms to detect the freshness of fruits. The project uses a Raspberry Pi board and a camera module to capture images of the fruits.

These images are then processed using OpenCV libraries to extract relevant features. Machine learning models such as support vector machines and convolutional neural networks are trained on these features to classify the fruits as fresh or rotten. The project can be useful for farmers, suppliers, and consumers to ensure that only fresh and healthy fruits are supplied and consumed.

2. Artificial Intelligence Drone with Real-Time Face Recognition, Traffic Monitoring.

The Artificial Intelligence Drone with Real-Time Face Recognition and Traffic Monitoring project aims to use a drone equipped with advanced AI algorithms to detect and recognize faces in real-time. The system uses a camera mounted on a drone to capture images and send them to a central processing unit where the AI algorithms perform face recognition. The project also includes the monitoring of traffic to provide real-time traffic updates.

The drone can be programmed to monitor a specific area or follow a specific person while providing real-time data to the monitoring station. The system can also be used to monitor traffic flow and detect accidents, providing valuable information to first responders. With the use of AI, this project offers a highly efficient and accurate system for face recognition and traffic monitoring, making it an ideal tool for security and surveillance applications.

3. Fruit Sorting Using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Sorting fruit one-by-one using hand is one of the most tiring jobs. It requires lots of effort and manpower and consumes lots of time as well. In modern times, industries are adopting automation and smart machines to make their work easier and more efficient and fruit sorting using openCV on raspberry pi can do this.  

So, we have tried to include automation by making a smart fruit sorting machine. The OpenCV Fruit Sorting system uses image processing and TensorFlow modules to detect the fruit, identify its category and then label the name to that fruit.

4. AI and IoT-based Electric Vehicle Monitoring System

The AI and IoT-based Electric Vehicle Monitoring System is a project that combines artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor electric vehicles. This system aims to provide real-time monitoring of electric vehicles, including their location, battery level, and charging status.

With this system, users can access vital information about their electric vehicles, allowing them to make informed decisions about charging and maintenance. This project also contributes to reducing carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric vehicles.

5. IOT and AI based Smart solution for Traffic congestion at Metro Cities

An IoT and AI-based smart solution for traffic congestion in metro cities is a project aimed at addressing the increasing traffic problems in urban areas. By utilizing IoT sensors, real-time traffic data can be collected and analyzed to provide insights into traffic patterns and congestion levels.

These insights can then be used to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion using AI algorithms. The solution also includes smart traffic signal control, which can adjust the timing of traffic signals based on real-time traffic data. The project aims to make commuting in metro cities more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of traffic congestion.

6. AI-based Automated Fruit Grading and Sorting System

The AI-based Automated Fruit Grading and Sorting System is a solution that uses machine learning and computer vision techniques to efficiently grade and sort fruits based on their quality and characteristics. The system utilizes spectrophotometry to capture images of the fruits and extract features such as color, size, shape, and texture.

These features are then analyzed by the machine learning algorithms to determine the quality of the fruit and sort them accordingly. The automated system provides accurate and consistent results, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity. This system has a wide range of applications in the fruit industry and can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of the fruit grading process.

7. Machine learning approach for predictive maintenance of transport systems

Transportation companies must face to huge competition and must reduce downtime and the associated costs. This can be achieved through predictive maintenance (PM), which defines maintenance actions based on the health of the system and its environment

8. Advanced Healthcare System using Artificial Intelligence

The Advanced Healthcare System using Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary project that combines the power of AI with healthcare to bring a significant change in the way healthcare is delivered. With the increasing amount of patient data, AI can help to analyze and diagnose diseases accurately and efficiently. This project aims to develop an AI-based healthcare system that can predict diseases based on symptoms and medical history, provide personalized treatment plans, and monitor the progress of the patients.

This system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data and provide real-time recommendations to healthcare professionals. The system is designed to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, reduce the cost of treatment, and improve patient outcomes. The project also aims to integrate IoT devices and wearables to collect real-time data and monitor patients remotely. This advanced healthcare system has the potential to transform healthcare and improve the quality of life for patients.

9. AI-based Medical Assistant Chatbot

This chatbot can provide 24/7 assistance to patients for basic medical advice and information about common illnesses.

10. Customer Support Chatbot

This chatbot can help customers resolve their queries related to products or services of a company.

11. Personal Finance Chatbot

This chatbot can assist users in managing their finances by providing investment advice, budgeting tips, and other financial guidance.

12. Educational Chatbot

This chatbot can assist students in their learning process by answering questions related to their coursework, providing study materials, and suggesting additional resources.

13. AI-Travel Chatbot

This chatbot can help users plan their travel itinerary, book flights and hotels, and provide recommendations for tourist attractions and local cuisine.

14. Face Recognition System: using AI and machine learning:

This project involves training an AI model to detect, recognize and verify human faces in digital images or videos. The applications of this project include security and surveillance, attendance management, and access control systems.

15. Autonomous Car Navigation System:

This project involves developing an AI model that can detect and identify traffic signs, road markings, and obstacles in real-time. The application of this project is in self-driving car technology.

16. Medical Image Analysis System using AI:

This project involves developing an AI model that can analyze medical images such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to detect and diagnose medical conditions. The applications of this project include medical diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient monitoring.

17. Quality Control System:

This project involves developing an AI model that can inspect and analyze product images to detect defects and anomalies. The application of this project is in manufacturing and production processes.

18. Agricultural Yield Estimation System:

This project involves developing an AI model that can analyze aerial images of farms and fields to estimate crop yields. The applications of this project include precision agriculture, crop management, and food security.

19. AI based Language Converter:

This project aims to develop an AI-powered language translation system that can translate text from one language to another in real-time. The system uses deep learning techniques to understand the context and nuances of the language, providing accurate translations.

20. Social Media Spam Filter using Ai and machine learning:

This project aims to filter out spam and inappropriate content from social media platforms. The system uses machine learning algorithms to identify and remove spam content, ensuring a safer and more pleasant social media experience.


Artificial Intelligence projects have become increasingly popular among Computer Science students, especially those in their final year. These projects offer a chance to explore cutting-edge technologies, learn new programming languages like Python, and apply machine learning algorithms to real-world problems. If you’re a final-year CSE student searching for innovative project ideas, then AI-based projects can be an excellent option for you. You can download the project list in PDF and select that is suitable for you.

So, enroll here and start working on an AI project that interests you. Don’t wait, take action now and become a part of the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science.


1) How to Start ai Project for CSE ?

To start an AI project for CSE, you need to have a good understanding of programming,AI concepts, tools, and technologies. Here are some steps that can help you start your AI project:

  • Identify the problem or area of interest where you want to apply AI.
  • Choose the appropriate AI techniques and tools based on the problem and your expertise.
  • Collect and prepare the data required for your AI project.
  • Develop the AI model using suitable algorithms and train it on the collected data.
  • Test and evaluate the performance of your AI model
  • Finally, deploy the AI model in a real-world scenario and monitor its performance.

By following these steps, you can successfully start your AI project for CSE. Additionally, there are many online resources, courses, and platforms available that can help you learn and implement AI projects with CITL Projects.

2.  What types of AI projects can be helpful for CSE students?

Some of the popular AI-based project ideas for CSE engineering students include object detection systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, and machine learning. you work on various applications in AGRI, AUTOMOTIVE, HEALTH, AUTOMATION, SMART CITY, etc.

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