Arduino based Projects on Home automation solutions

Arduino based Projects on Home automation solutions

  • September 28 2023
  • Bhimsen

Arduino Based Home Automation Projects

List of Best Arduino based Home Automation Projects

1) Arduino based- IOT Voice based Smart Ceiling Fan Switch.

The intelligent switch functions with voice commands on Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, this Wi-fi enabled fan controller allows the user to adjust fan’s speed and light with voice commands. This project is very useful for patients with least movements, elderly persons for easy operation.

2) Arduino based -IOT Remote bell.


This is a smart remote bell that allows the user to answer their doors; this is having features like they can answer even if they are not home, it has built in motion sensor that detects the movement, it streams live video to user’s phones. Using the android app, we can communicate 2 way of answering the doors.

3) Arduino based -IOT based Smart lock.

Very use the full device, by using a smartphone they can pair via Bluetooth for locking and unlocking their doors. safe access can be achieved with password/finger print. This device can be integrated with home automation solutions.

4) IOT Smart Mirror


smart-mirror-iot-projectThe smart mirror is a concept to help the consumers to take advantage of their available time in updating themselves about the traffic, weather, current news, they even can shop, that means that while you are on make up. IOT smart mirror is embedded with ALEXA to receive the voice commands to perform the tasks.

5) Intelligent bicycle with IOT.

This bike will have multiple features like GPS navigation, geolocation, anti-theft features, fully automated smart head lights with light and dark sensors for auto on/off, Android app for settings and controls.

6) Arduino based- IOT lamp for elderly assistance

This lamp shall have motion detectors to help the elders who get up in the middle of the night, auto on off of light, auto notification features are added in case of fall and more frequent visits to the bathroom. This device is very useful for care takers to monitor the elders.

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