DNA Cryptography In Cloud Computing

DNA Cryptography In Cloud Computing

  • September 30 2023
  • Bhimsen

DNA Cryptography In Cloud Computing

Implementation OF DNA cryptography in cloud computing and using socket programming

Cloud computing is the latest technology in the field of distributed computing. It provides various online and on-demand services for data storage, network services, platform services and etc. Many organizations are unenthusiastic to use cloud services due to data security issues as the data resides on the cloud services provider’s servers.
To address this issue, there have been several approaches applied by various researchers worldwide to strengthen security of the stored data on cloud computing. The Bi-directional DNA Encryption Algorithm (BDEA) is one such data security techniques. However, the existing technique focuses only on the ASCII character set, ignoring the non-English user of the cloud computing. Thus, this proposed work focuses on enhancing the BDEA to use with the Unicode characters

System Architecturedna-cryptography

Cloud and client with intermediator node which will act as bridge. Client tries upload the files DNA cryptography can be done to send the file data and once downloads by the client intermediator node will decrypt and sends the data to client.

System Requirement
Hardware Requirement
Processor - Dual Core
Speed - 1.1 G Hz
RAM - 512 MB (min)
Hard - 20 GB
Key Board - Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse - Two or Three Button Mouse

Software Requirement
Operating System : Windows xp,7,8
Front End : Java 7
Technology : Swings, Networking.
IDE : Eclipse.

Below code is to open file dialogue box for selecting file to upload & to calculate the size of the file

FileDialog fd=new FileDialog(this,"Open",FileDialog.LOAD);
FileInputStream fin=new FileInputStream(fd.getDirectory()+fd.getFile());
System.out.println("Select File"+fd.getFile());
File f = new File(fd.getDirectory()+fd.getFile());
flen=(int)f.length(); file_string=new String(filebyte, "UTF-8").substring(0,flen);
jTextArea1.setText("\n File Loaded");

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