Android Medical Applications projects

Medical Applications projects on Android

  • September 27 2023
  • Bhimsen

Medical Applications projects

2023 IEEE Medical Applications Project List on Android Based for M.Tech / MS / BE / B.Tech / MCA / M.Sc Students in Bangalore.

 1.Work in progress — A smartphone application as a teaching tool in undergraduate nursing education

One in four people in a healthcare facility has a pressure ulcer (bedsore) at any given time, and bedsores are one of the leading iatrogenic causes of death reported in developed countries. Standardized documentation is identified as a critical component in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, with the greatest challenges being non-compliance to protocol and inconsistency of documentation.

As a result, attention is focused on electronic information systems, and the research objective in this work was to develop an interactive software application on a mobile device (Smartphone; tablet) to allow healthcare workers to electronically document patients' wounds, and to explore whether the application may promote higher consistency and compliance in wound care documentation, and higher patient and caregiver satisfaction relative to paper-based documentation.

A prototype application on an Android platform is in progress with additional intelligence over paper-based forms. The prototype is being extended to a version designed as an educational tool for undergraduate nursing students learning clinical practices in wound care. The work advances the emerging area of healthcare applications and supports the increasing prevalence of e-health in nursing practice.


2.A smartphone application of alcohol resilience treatment for behavioral self-control training

High relapse rate is one of the most prominent problems in addiction treatment. Alcohol Resilience Treatment (ART), an alcohol addiction therapy, is based on Cue Exposure Treatment, which has shown promising results in preliminary studies. ART aims at optimizing the core area of relapse prevention, and intends to improve patients' capability to withstand craving of alcohol. This method emphasizes the interplay of resilience and resourcefulness.

It contains 6 sessions with different topics according to the stage of treatment circuit, and each session consists of 6 steps. Due to the purity and structure of the treatment rationale, it is realistic, reasonable and manageable to transform the method into a smartphone application. An ART app in Android system and an accessory of bilateral tactile stimulation were developed and will be used in a study with behavioral self-control training. This paper presents the design and realization of the smartphone based ART application. The design of a pilot study, which is to examine the benefits of a smartphone application providing behavioral self-control training, is also reported in this paper.


3.Planning and Development of an Electronic Health Record Client Based on the Android Platform

The rapidly aging population not only causes long hospital waiting times and expensive hospital stays, but also increases the workload of doctors and medical practitioners. Managing the cost and quality of treatment and caring for seniors are becoming key pressing issues in both Developed and developing countries.

Diagnosing and continuous record of real-time data by the use of portable patient monitoring system during normal activity would be beneficial for medical practitioners to do proper and better treatment also it would be useful for health care providers to improve diseases management . Bluetooth technology is used for data retrieval from Database. Bluetooth has been specifically designed as a low-cost, low-power, and small-size radio technology, which is particularly dedicated to short-range communications.

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