Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device For Deaf,Dumb And Blind People

Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device

  • September 28 2023
  • Bhimsen

Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device

Abstract for Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device For Deaf,Dumb And Blind People

Currently in the world lot of people impaired from blind, deaf, dumb. That is why implement this Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device For Deaf, Dumb And Blind People. Some researcher also work on this project but the visual impairment could not be broken for good.

Focusing and addressing the problems faced by the differently abled people such as visually, audibly and vocally challenged ,through a single device is a tough job. A lot of research has been done on each problem and solutions have been proposed

separately. But not all of them are addressed together. The aim of the project is to create a single device solution in such a way that is simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective. The main purpose of the device is to make the differently abled people, feel independent confident by seeing, hearing and talking for them.

The paper provides a Google API and Raspberry Pi based aid for the blind deaf and dumb people. The proposed device enables visually challenged people to read by taking an image. Further, Image to text conversion and speech synthesis is done, converting it into an audio format that reads out the extracted text translating documents, books and other available materials in daily life.

For the audibly challenged, the input is in form of speech taken in by the microphone and recorded audio is then converted into text which is displayed in the form of a pop-up window for the user in the screen of the device.

The vocally impaired are aided by taking the input by the user as text through the built-in customized on-screen keyboard where the text is identified, text into speech conversion is done and the speaker gives the speech output. This way the device speaks for the use.


Introduction to Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device For Deaf,Dumb And Blind People

Approximately 1.3 billion people live with some sort of vision impairment out of which 188.5 million people have a mild vision impairment, 217 million have moderate to severe vision impairment, 36 million people are blind and the majority of people with vision impairment are over the age of 50 years. India is considered to home the largest number of blind people.

Around 9.1 billion people are deaf and mute. According to WHO, around 5% of the world’s population or 466 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss. Technology is advancing day by day and during the last few decades, it has made our lives easier and convenient.

But some- how the physically impaired part of our society has not been paid enough attention to. They are deprived of the advancements of science and still face plenty of problems in their day to day lives. For the visually challenged, the inbuilt camera takes a picture of the writ- ten or printed document and this image is then converted into digital text using the Google Vision API.

This text is then converted into audio using the TTS (Text to Speech) library and voice converted output according to the written document or book is obtained. The audibly challenged are aided by recording the speech or audio, converting it into text and displaying it on the screen for the user to read it.

The device speaks for the vocally challenged as it provides the user with a customized keyboard on the screen where the user can type the message. This text is converted into speech using the TTS (Text to Speech) library and audio for the input given by the user is obtained in a synthesized voice.

System Architecture of Raspberry Pi Based Assistive Device For Deaf,Dumb And Blind People


H/w and S/W requirements Of Communication Assistant for Deaf, Dumb and Blind


Computer   :   System.

Ram           :    1GB

Rom           :    32GB


Technology    :    Machine Learning.

Front End          :     GUI-tkinter.

IDLE                   :      python 3.10.4

Virtual  Envs     :     Anaconda

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