Assistive Device for Blind, Deaf and Dumb People using Raspberry-pi.

Addressing the issues of People with Visual, Hearing and Vocal Impairment through a single aiding system is a tough job. Many modern day researches focus on addressing the issues of one of the above challenges but not all. The work focuses on finding a unique technique that aids the visually impaired by letting them hear what is represented as text and it is achieved by the technique that captures the image through a camera and converts the text available as voice signals. The paper provides a way for the people with Hearing impairment to visualize / read which is in audio form by speech to text conversion technique and we also provides a way for the vocally impaired to represent their voice by the aid of text to voice conversion technique. All these three solutions were modulated to be in a single unique system. All these activities are coordinated with the use of Raspberry Pi. The visually impaired people are helped by the process in which the image to text and text to speech is given by the Tesseract OCR (online character recognition). The deaf people help with the process of an app which makes them to understand what the person says can be displayed as the message. Vocally impaired people can convey their message by text so the other persons can hear the message in a speaker