Wireless Facility Scheduling for Data Center Networks

The control parcels in the Data Center Networks (DCNs) need to challenge with the information parcels despite the fact that they are generally substantially shorter in size and significantly more vital in arrange administration. Besides, the uneven appropriation of the parcels may make potential hotspots in the DCN which could corrupt system execution radically. To connect these holes, a couple of proposition have been advanced to develop additional remote offices in the DCNs to help advance the execution of the control activity and ease the weight of the hotspots. In any case, little consideration has been paid on the most proficient method to proficiently plan the remote offices. In this paper, a booking technique is advanced which contains two stages, i.e. course estimation and stream booking. In the previous advance, a course set between every hub match is ascertained ahead of time for later use. At that point, arrived information and control streams are booked as per numerous arrangements in view of the given course sets in the stream planning step.

System Architecture

Project Overview :
In this paper, a scheduling method is put forward which contains two steps, i.e. route calculation and flow scheduling. In the former step, a route set between each node pair is calculated in advance for later usage. Then, arrived data and control flows are scheduled according to multiple policies based on the given route sets in the flow scheduling step.
System Configuration
Hardware Requirement
System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
Hard Disk : 40 GB.
Monitor : 15 inch VGA Color.
Mouse : Logi tech Mouse.
Ram : 512 MB
Keyboard : Standard Keyboard
Software Requirement
Operating System : LINUX
Tool : Network Simulator-3
Front End : C++
Scripting : Python,awk
Sample Code
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
bool verbose = true;

if (verbose)
LogComponentEnable ("UdpEchoClientApplication", LOG_LEVEL_INFO);
LogComponentEnable ("UdpEchoServerApplication", LOG_LEVEL_INFO);
//Add 1 core switch
//Construct the upper Network coragg11,coragg12,coragg21,coragg22. coragg11:core1->agg1
NodeContainer coragg11,coragg12,coragg21,coragg22;
Code Explanation Here we have added the UDP Echo client and server application, to enable the wireless facility, Four wireless nodes have been created, and attached to the network to DCN to communicate.