Optimal Dynamic Routing Protocol for Agro-sensor Communication in MANETS

Late improvement in the zone of remote sensor systems and versatile specially appointed systems give adaptable and simple to send correspondence implies for an extensive variety of utilizations with no requirement for a foundation being pre-arranged. Our paper examines execution of proactive and receptive directing conventions in a situation with agro-sensors. Our outcomes, accomplished by recreating a system both in OPNET modeler and NS2, demonstrate that the AODV directing convention performs better for a huge scale organize (where hub thickness is higher) while the DSR steering convention performs better in a little scale arrange given the specific situation we considered.

System Architecture Project Overview :
Execution of filter conventions was assessed in for determination of steering bunch make a beeline for gather neighborhood data and transmit in wsn. A mathematicla structure was assessed and proposed in breaking down exhibitions of proactive and responsive steering conventions in MANETS.
System Requirements
Hardware Requirement
Main processor : Pentium IV processor 1.13 GHz
Hard disk capacity : 40GB
Cache memory : 512 MB
Monitor : LG Digital Color Monitor
Keyboard : Samsung
Mouse : Logitech

Software Requirement
Operating system : Fedora 8 (linux)
Scripting language : Network Simulator 2.33
Protocol developed : C++
Scripting : Tool Command Language

Sample Code
set tcp [new Agent/TCP/Newreno]
$tcp set class_ 2
set sink [new Agent/TCPSink]
$ns attach-agent $node_(0) $tcp
$ns attach-agent $node_(9) $sink
$ns connect $tcp $sink
set ftp [new Application/FTP]
$ftp attach-agent $tcp
$ns at 2.0 "$ftp start"
for {set i 0} {$i<$val(nn)} {incr i} {
$ns initial_node_pos $node_($i) 30
# Telling nodes when the simulation ends
for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn) } { incr i } {
$ns at $val(stop) "$node_($i) reset";

here we are using tcp protocol to sending packet to destination. We assigned initial ndoe position for all the node and how much size it want to display. Then we call start and stop function for when node want to start sending data and stop.