A Framework for Sentiment Analysis with Opinion Mining of Hotel Reviews

The rapid increase in mountains of unstructured textual data accompanied by proliferation of tools to analyse them has opened up great opportunities and challenges for text mining research. The automatic labelling of text data is hard because people often express opinions in complex ways that are sometimes difficult to comprehend. The labelling process involves huge amount of efforts and mislabelled datasets usually lead to incorrect decisions. In this paper, we design a framework for sentiment analysis with opinion mining for the case of hotel customer feedback. Most available datasets of hotel reviews are not labelled which presents a lot of works for researchers as far as text data pre-processing task is concerned. Moreover, sentiment datasets are often highly domain sensitive and hard to create because sentiments are feelings such as emotions, attitudes and opinions that are commonly rife with idioms, onomatopoeias, homophones, phonemes, alliterations and acronyms. The proposed framework is termed sentiment polarity that automatically prepares a sentiment dataset for training and testing to extract unbiased opinions of hotel services from reviews. A comparati ve analysis was established with Naïve Bayes multinomial, sequential minimal optimization, compliment Naïve Bayes and Composite hypercubes on iterated random projections to discover a suitable machine learning algorithm for the classification component of the framework.