Optimization of Tasks in Cloud Computing Based on MAX-MIN, MIN-MIN and Priority

Considering the growing use of cloud computing and the need for optimal use of resources in the cloud, and attention to users that pay for services they use based on their pay-as-you-go basis, There should be a quicker way for users to decrease the user's waiting time and task's waiting time. The main purpose of this paper is to provide an optimal algorithm using the advantages of the two traditional Min-Min and Max- Min algorithms. The other point that follow in this algorithm (TOMMP) is the priority of the tasks. There are a lot of scheduling algorithms in the world today, but the priority given to the tasks has been neglected and overlooked in most algorithms. In this algorithm, priority is firstly selected for tasks based on a prioritization algorithm, and then using the median number to decide which one of the Min-Min or Max-Min algorithms is to be used. It should be noted that according to the TOMMP algorithms, its waiting time is lower than comparisons of the compared algorithms and is shown to be better than the comparable algorithms.