Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Delegatable Proofs of Storage with Data Dynamics in Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has been in widespread use nowadays, which alleviates users’ burden of local data storage. Meanwhile, how to ensure the security and integrity of the outsourced data stored in a cloud storage server has also attracted enormous attention from researchers. Proofs of storage (POS) is the main technique introduced to address this problem. Publicly verifiable POS allowing a third party to verify the data integrity on behalf of the data owner significantly improves the scalability of cloud service. However, most of existing publicly verifiable POS schemes are extremely slow to compute authentication tags for all data blocks due to many expensive group exponentiation operations, even much slower than typical network uploading speed, and thus it becomes the bottleneck of the setup phase of the POS scheme. In this article, we propose a new variant formulation called “Delegatable Proofs of Storage (DPOS)”. Then, we construct a lightweight privacy-preserving DPOS scheme, which on one side is as efficient as private POS schemes, and on the other side can support third party auditor and can switch auditors at any time, close to the functionalities of publicly verifiable POS schemes. Compared to traditional publicly verifiable POS schemes, we speed up the tag generation process by at least several hundred times, without sacrificing efficiency in any other aspect. In addition, we extend our scheme to support fully dynamic operations with high efficiency, reducing the computation of any data update to O(log n) and simultaneously only requiring constant communication costs. We prove that our scheme is sound and privacy preserving against auditor in the standard model. Experimental results verify the efficient performance of our scheme.