Access control by signature keys to provide privacy for cloud and Big Data

Privacy of data in subjects of cloud computing or big data is one of the most principal issues. The privacy methods studied in previous research showed that privacy infringement for cloud computing or big data happened because multi risks on data by external or internal attackers. An important risk to take into consideration when speaking of the privacy of the stored transactions is represented by the transactions’ information which is not in the owner’s control. Such a case is represented by the cloud servers that are administered by cloud providers which cannot be wholly trusted by the users with sensitive, private data such as business plans or private information. A simple method for protecting data privacy is by applying certain privacy techniques onto transactions’ data, followed by the upload of the modified data into the cloud. In this paper, we are proposing a case study that is built on levels containing three models: cloud’s architecture, transaction’s manager and clients. Moreover, we consider that our case study is based on the premise of zero trust among the three models, therefore all the transactions take place with third-parties and the data movements are realized going through various levels of security.