Smart water management using IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm since its conception. The idea of connecting everything by wireless technology sums up IoT. We can connect anything using the sensors designed specifically for objects. IoT is the network of objects, devices, automobiles, houses and other items embedded with electronic sensors, and connectivity to enable them to talk to each other and execute functions. IoT is evolving fast alongside with the latest innovation occurring in wireless technology and embedded technologies, With Microcontrollers working on low powers introduced that are perfect for remotely deployed IoT systems to connect us and work for years without any maintenance has made the IoT not only for luxury functions but also for needful data aggregation as for defence systems. The devices participating in IoT are designed to be interoperable with different vendors of embedded controllers as well as with different wireless technologies. IoT is progressing with millions of things connecting each day to generate a large amount of information resulting in useful future actions.