Performance Enhancement and IoT Based Monitoring for Smart Home

In recent years, home automation has become so popular due to its numerous advantages. The home environment has witnessed a rapid introduction of network enabled digital technology. This technology comes with new and exciting opportunities to increase the connectivity of different devices within the home for the purpose of home automation. This paper aims at designing a basic home automation system of controlling multiple appliances which can be monitored and accessed from anywhere in the world with very low cost. The technology incorporates Raspberry Pi and the web server. The Raspberry Pi and Arduino integrated with Nrf modules are used to monitor the home environment appliances, and the readings are passed to the web server designed. The parameters or commands sent through web page are monitored frequently and if any threats found the mobile connected to this web server is alerted through an a armor message. The user can access this application from any wherein the world. The result produced is low cost advantageous and absolute. Performance Analysis of different protocols (MQTT,HTTP and CoAP) is estimated using visualizations.