Open source embedded data logger design for PV system monitoring

The usage of photovoltaic system has been more and more popular in last decade as the production cost has decreased and people have become more concerned about the enviromnent-friendly energy to use. Therefore, it is important to understand the energy performance resulting from photovoltaic system. The PV power generating system is often includes one or more photovoltaic array, battery bank, power conditioning unit and electrical loads. During the operation of such system, performance parameters of the system components should be carefully monitored and an appropriate decision must be given on time. In addition reliable functioning of the system, monitoring also is necessary for maximizing the yield of energy production of the PV power generating systems. [1]. Many monitoring systems have been designed in order to collect and process such data, as well as monitor the performance of PV or hybrid power systems under operation, during last three decades [2]. Because of the most PV system are installed in around the remote locations where there is restricted access to performance data, many monitoring system have some kind of a remote monitoring ability [3], [4].