IoT based smart museum using Bluetooth Low Energy.

In today's world, everything has become smarter through the development of heterogeneous technologies. To match this smartness, our environment needs to become smarter through a technology that is we called Internet of Things. Nowadays, People are switched to follow our ancient culture. The museum is the one of a place where the ancient culture and cultural heritage exist, hence it is considered to make a smart museum. To get the attention of a visitor in a museum it is being proposed as it based Smart Museum Environment which will automatically provide the information about artwork without any user intervention. IOT based smart museum relies on a wearable device (Raspberry PI) that will capture the user's movement, does the background subtraction algorithm to perform Image processing and it gets the localization information from a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is fixed in the museum. Hence, this wearable device will increase the performance of the whole system by sending only matched frame to cloud processing center. To start with all the artwork and related multimedia contents needs to be uploaded to the cloud. Finally, everyone can easily access the arts profile and history through smart phone by using the mobile application.