Implementation of speech based home automation system using Bluetooth and GSM

Home automation means controlling of home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely using one or more computers. An automated home is also called as a smart home. Speech based home automation uses human voice commands to operate the electrical appliances in the home. It is very useful for human beings, especially for elderly and physically handicapped people. In this paper, we present the implementation details of two schemes for speech based home automation and control. The first scheme uses the Bluetooth technology for controlling of electrical appliances when we are at home. It uses a HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino Bluetooth controller mobile application for switching on or off the appliances. The second scheme uses GSM/GPRS technology for controlling the electrical appliances. The developed system also alerts the user about any intrusion into the house when we are away from the home. This system is implemented on ARM11 Raspberry Pi microcontroller board. Python integrated development environment (IDE) is used for developing the necessary software. Relays and bulbs are used as load to demonstrate the working of the prototype system. Home automation system gives accessibility, comfort, energy efficiency, security by providing control and monitoring of appliances, security surveillance.Home automation (also known as demotics) refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity and appliances. The electrical switch boards located in different rooms of our home make it difficult for the members in the home, especially, the elderly and physically handicapped to operate them. Speech based home automation gives us access to control devices in our home by giving speech commands using a mobile phone remotely. Inclusion of security surveillance in a home automation system (HAS) by using web cameras and relevant sensors helps to monitor intrusion into the house by thieves or strangers.

Requirement Analysis

Hardware Requirement
Raspberry Pi, GSM Modem,Bluetooth Module,Relay module,PIR Sensor,USB Web Camera

Software Requirement Python IDE